Advertise on OnionWay ( 2-in-1 Combo! )

We offer advertisement in form of "Promoted links" as a "Combo package"! Each purchased Advertisement slot includes two formats of advertisement:

  • Text Ad (Google Ad-like): Triggered by keywords, displayed in our search results.
  • +Image Banner 460x60 pixels: Rotating on our Home-page, and Sub-pages. Visitors don't need to search to see the ad.

Advertisement Package details

- 80 keywords of your choice in TOP-search results.
- 468x60 banner displaying on Index page and sub-pages
- Best Online Advertisement Editor 24/7/365 edit your Ad as you like.

Note: Ad prices are updated throughout the day, to match rising/falling BTC/USD exchange rate.

- 1 Month : 0.00407 BTC
- 2 Months: 0.00773 BTC (5% discount)
- 3 Months: 0.01099 BTC (10% discount)
- 4 Months: 0.01384 BTC (15% discount)
- 5 Months: 0.01628 BTC (20% discount)
- 6 Months: 0.01832 BTC (25% discount)

If you have questions, please send us email to

Rules and Notes for running an Advertisment:

  • No C*P related Ads allowed! Will delete them without refund!
  • We do analytics, on search results and number of banner displays, you can see it in Ad Editor. We don't track "click-through" ratio. (we do't track users clicks). You can analyse visitor ratio/conversions by you self on your server.
  • Banners positions on homepage are rotating each 5 minutes. Other banners are displayed randomly.

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